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Versatile Design

The Globetrotter holds multiple required documents and international essentials. Features include: a large cash storage that is guaranteed to fit any global currency, a Passport slot, two FAA ID slots, a slot for your medical (or another passport, if preferred) four credit card slots, and one pen holder with a brand-new pen included.

Handmade Leather

Handmade from premium Italian Leather. Vegetable-tanned option available. Each Globetrotter wallet comes with its own unique and vibrant accent color. Color combinations include: Black/Red, Black/Grey, Brown/Light tan, and Castagna Brown (which is vegetable-tanned). Click to see how our leather is made.

Included Pen

International travels often require hand-written customs forms. Locating a pen among all your gear can be inconvenient and time-consuming. To simplify your travels, we have included a pen in a secure spot. Your new Globetrotter pen, included with each purchase, is made in Germany. The stainless steel design provides a solid grip without adding any extra bulk to your wallet.

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